Holiday Help: Students donate items for families in need

written by Jordan Ackerman Every Winter, the Student Council holds a canned food drive to help families in need. PRP usually collects around 2000 canned goods according to Student Council Sponsor Dee Amber Martin. The families are identified through the faculty and staff. Some families call in to the school if they need help. “I feel happy when I am helping local PRP families. I also am grateful for what I have,” Martin said. There is another part of the program called Christmas Adoption. Teachers, teams and clubs adopt local families in need and buy various gifts for the children. … Continue reading Holiday Help: Students donate items for families in need

Staff and students react to changes in code of conduct

written by Ximena Arellano-Marin As most students and teachers know, the Jefferson County Public School Student Code of Conduct has been changed. The new code of conduct minimizes school suspensions for certain offenses. Now even PRP’s students have had enough. Many students were told that JCPS planned on doing away with school suspensions for fighting and sexual abuse. The JCPS board had a recommendation to lessen the amount of suspension days for some offenses and eliminate suspensions for others. However, in the summer of 2016, the board decided on the changes. Profanity, gambling, dress code violations, the use of tobacco … Continue reading Staff and students react to changes in code of conduct

New phone policy bans phones during school day

written by Sydney Young The 2016-2017 school year has officially started and with it a new rule is in place: Phones should not be out at all from 7:38 to 2:20 in the school, even for instructional purposes. In the last few years, the rule itself has been changed several times, going from allowing phones to banning them all together. With the changes to the rule over the years, students are divided on the use of phones in the classroom. Some feel that phones are a strong learning tool, with educational games being a staple in some classes. Others feel … Continue reading New phone policy bans phones during school day

School year brings multiple disruptions

Written by Alexus Smith Confusion struck Pleasure Ridge Park High School as fire alarms went off on the second day of school. Students stood outside for 15 minutes, but not for a fire. The unplanned drill was due to non-working exhaust fans and all ovens running in the kitchen. Alarms sounded because of heat but still gave students and staff good practice. Throughout the school year, schools are scheduled to have 12 fire drills. There are six for each semester but two have to be in the first 20 days. “Though I wasn’t incredibly pleased about the drill happening during … Continue reading School year brings multiple disruptions

Students and teachers adjust to new schedule

written by Meagan Compton Back to school time is always a new chapter in high school. Students walk in on the first day expecting new experiences and new classes. This year brought about two changes that affect students and teachers alike. PRP has taken on a seven period day and started offering free lunches. Seven Period Day Last year, PRP had a five period schedule and most students had to pay for their lunch. The administrators wanted a new schedule to better serve the students. Many Magnet Program students had difficulties taking all the classes that they wanted since their … Continue reading Students and teachers adjust to new schedule

New year, new class

written by Breanna Seabolt Learning the piano can be a difficult task. The time, money, and equipment that it requires may be slightly overwhelming. Well, no need to worry. This 2015-16 school year Mr. Jennings is teaching a piano class at PRP in the choir room. “I raised $3,000 through and the other $3,000 worth of equipment was purchased by my direct music specialist Michelle Lewis,” said Mr. Jennings about the 21 66-key pianos our school was able to purchase. 21 pianos allows each student to have their own in class. Every student in PRP’s new piano class signed … Continue reading New year, new class

PRP follows the Yellow Brick Road

written by Achsah Smith Beginning December 5, the PRP Theatre Arts Department will perform The Wizard of Oz. Junior Meredith Aliff, who will play Dorothy in the play, is very excited for the upcoming show and hopes to do well. Aliff explained that as a little girl she always loved Judy Garland movies. Her favorite song from the show is Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Crew members are also working hard on the show, and some of them find it very stressful. “I will rip my hair out,” said Stage Manager Christina McCune. She described rehearsals as edgy and nerve-racking. Assistant … Continue reading PRP follows the Yellow Brick Road

National Merit Semifinalist: Reece LeMaster

by Mark Welch JCPS had forty-six National Merit Semifinalists for the 2014-2015 school year, and PRP Senior Reece LeMaster is one of those semifinalists. “It’s probably my greatest achievement yet,” said LeMaster. To get into the program, you must first take a test and have scores that are in the top 3% of junior PSAT scores. PRP Guidance Counselor Tonya Wilson encouraged last year’s juniors to take the PSAT. PRP offers study sessions that go over the PSAT and provides practice tests to help the juniors taking the test. When asked what she would like for this year’s juniors to … Continue reading National Merit Semifinalist: Reece LeMaster