What Will Our Schedule Look Like Next Year?

Written By Sumria Islam

The last year we all have suffered a pandemic that has affected us one way or another. But now it is time for everything to go back on track, but how could we do that if kids under the age of 16 can’t even have the vaccine yet? We all should go back to normal in a safe environment so let’s see how that could look like from a students perspective.

Of course social distancing is a must but even with this there wouldn’t be enough space for all of us to distance in a safe space so we would have to do separate class days. Half of the school comes on two days, the other half on another two days. Leading to a four day weekend for students. 

Masks should be required but because they are having shorter classes I don’t think it is necessary. I understand that wearing a mask for too long can get tiring.

Students who can should bring their own lunch just for extra safety precautions in their food. Students could eat in the classroom where everyone is already distanced instead of going to a lunch room which causes extra movement with peers.

Technology has already saved us a whole year but it’s time we use laptops in our normal lives as well. We should bring laptops to school so that we have everything we need right in front of us as well. I’m not saying get rid of pen and paper but having a laptop with hands reach can lead to better safety as well.

Take out the public usages. Close the libraries for a while, drinking fountains, vending machines, anything that anyone could touch. Things like this cause germs to spread from person to person. As my mother always tells me, “just because you are being safe doesn’t mean that other people are being safe as well” and that is something that we should all keep in mind this upcoming year. If we all follow these rules the next school year would be easy for all of us. We could all be safe and go back to normal slowly.

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