What To Do With Vacation Treasures

Written By Selena Bailey

Many of us have gone to the beach at some point. While there you want to relive the memories made over and over. To help bring back these memories some people decide to take their own form of souvenirs. Examples of souvenirs taken include sea shells, and sometimes little bottles or bags of sand. This allows the happy memories to flood back every time you see this souvenir displayed. After time these souvenirs seem to fade away and your attention is put into other things.

A huge question that surges from these vacation treasures is how to keep them from fading away. I have found it most useful to take your treasures and up cycle them into forms of art. Personally I like to take seashells and turn them into flowers or butterflies. You can also use them to decorate small boxes and other small structures. They help to not only fuel that memory but add the finishing touches you never knew you needed.

Not only are these shells beautiful and unique in their own ways they help you remember how amazing that memory was. Souvenirs have been around for ages. Souvenirs date all the way back to ancient Egypt when servants and followers would travel and bring items from different locations back to their pharaoh. The word souvenir itself means memories in French.

There is always a way to keep your memories alive. Whether you upcycle or not it is always a great feeling to relive those fantastic experiences. Make sure to remember how amazing those experiences really are and how lucky you were to get the experience you did. The saying,”A picture is worth a thousand words,” a souvenir must be so much more!

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