Hyperfixation Is Not The Same For Everyone

Written By Kassidy Shaw

Throughout my life I have constantly gone through obsession after obsession, it was not until about a year ago that I realized this was part of Hyperfixation. Hyperfixation is when someone has an interest that leads to a time consuming obsession. This is commonly found to happen in Neurodivergent people specifically with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and Autism though others with mental health issues can experience it too. Hyperfication can have someone completely emerge themselves into an interest whether it be something like a TV show, video game, or really anything else. Being

Hyperfocused is sometimes a coping mechanism from a usual lack of focus. In my personal experience hyperfixation has changed my personality and even my life on numerous occasions. At the age of nine I was super interested in the Ocean to the extent that it was all I talked, read, wrote, and even thought about. I had several journals dedicated to just writing about the Ocean and its mysteries. Since I knew so much about it I would relate any conversation back to it unknowingly. After about a year of that I almost immediately moved on to a new interest and let the whole thing happen again. This still happens to me and I often find myself spending hours a day focusing on one subject.

The media usually portrays Hyperfixation as “a stage of being focused” but I think it can be much more. This is not always the case though as some people with ADHD and Autism don’t experience hyperfixation at all which is insane compared to people who let it control their lives. Because of the differing involvement with Hyperfixation I wanted to interview two people I know who also have ADHD to see their experience with it. I asked my sister Kyleigh Shaw and my friend Sophia Tewalt whether or not they have struggled with hyperfixation.

Sophia Tewalt’s Interview-
Q. Throughout your life, did you ever experience hyperfixation?
“I didn’t get my ADHD diagnosis until I was 15 so for a long time I felt like my previous actions with Hyperactivity and Obsessiveness was just me being a kid. But it made a lot more sense after I was diagnosed, I would say for me I just have like a couple hours where I am very into a random subject and do lots of research on it but this does happen quite frequently.”

Kyleigh Shaws Interview-
Q. Throughout your life, did you ever experience hyperfixation?
“Back in middle school when I was in 6th or 7th grade, I hyperfixed Harry Potter and the whole universe. I had always liked the movies but this time I was reading the Harry Potter books. I would spend nights reading fanfictions, watching clips and other videos made about it, and reading articles about the author. One night I spent hours crying over a character’s death, I did that a few times with different characters too. I wanted as much merchandise as I could have so on holidays that’s all I would ask for. During this hyperfixation I would spend all my free time revolving around Harry Potter content.”

Just comparing the two different responses to one question shows how every neurodivergent person doesn’t experience Hyperfixation the same way. Some people hyperfixate so much they start to lose their personal life and others only do it for a small period of time. Either way both can be a big struggle and the sooner the rest of the world understands hyperfixation the easier it’ll be for people you do it to understand it also.

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