How Wearing Masks Impacts Covid-19 Rates

Written By Halle Unthank

On April 3rd, 2020, wearing facial masks or coverings in public places was recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). As the rates of positive tests and deaths of Covid-19 continued to rise, and struggling businesses started to open their doors to customers, there were some expectations that needed to be put in place in order to have safe re-openings and operations. Along with maintaining a 6 foot social distance from strangers, using hand sanitizer, and washing your hands frequently, wearing a facial covering was one of the most effective ways to minimize the spread of Covid-19 while being able to visit public places.

One year later, we are still in the midst of a global pandemic, but more re-openings have begun. School buildings, shopping malls, vacation spots, and jobs have started opening up while enforcing social distancing rules. But, different states have different rules regarding Covid-19. Some states have begun lifting restrictions, specifically the mask mandate. States like Arkansas and Texas have lifted the mask mandate meaning facial coverings are not required to wear in public settings. With different states having different guidelines for Covid-19, there are differences regarding the amount of deaths and cases for Covid-19.

By April 5th, Texas had a total of 3,250 new positive covid cases. Compared to California, a state with a mask mandate still in place, had 2,301, even though there are 12.1 million more people living in California. This shows that mask guidelines being put in place has had an affect on the amount of cases daily for Covid-19.

We can also look at Florida and Kentucky. Florida has lifted their mask mandate and made their guidelines less strict. On average, Arizona is currently having an average of 6,252 cases of Covid-19 while Kentucky has an average of 615, with stricter mask guidelines. Taking into consideration both states, Kentucky is only 1.4 times smaller than Florida population wise.
Overall we can conclude that there are differences between states with mask mandates and states without. Masks are used to reduce the spread of Covid-19 and when not worn in public places, it can lead to disastrous effects on others.

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