Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski Become most Prolific Passing duo in NFL Playoff history

Written By Mason Lewis

The superbowl is the NFL’s biggest game and has been for 55 years and no one even comes close to Tom Bady´s experience in it. In his 21 year career he’s been to the game 10 times and won it seven out of those ten times.

To put that into perspective the most super bowls by any one team let alone one person is six. Most people consider Tom Brady the best player ever and some people consider Rob Gronkowski the best Tight End ever which is kind of a mix between a lineman and a receiver. Just this past Sunday they broke the record for most playoff touchdowns by a duo with fourteen.

The previous record was set by Joe Montana and Jerry Rice. they only had 12. This record stood for a very long time. I talked to a long time football fan who actually was old enough to have watched Montana and Rice play and he said it was electric.

Montana and Rice have been named the best wide receiver and quarterback duo ever by ESPN making the record that Brady and Gronkowski broke pretty prominent.

All of Gronkowski´s 88 touchdowns have come from Brady over his career. No need to say that they have history and great chemistry. It’s no surprise that they broke this record together having played together for so long. Tom Brady continues to break records to make his case for the greatest of all time

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