Social Issues Beyond America

Written By Sumria Islam

By now we have all heard about what’s happening in Myanmar, a country in southeast Asia. Back in 1948 the country struggled with independence. However, after a lot of time they were united. After gaining independence, a well formed government was in charge and U Nu was the first prime minister of the country. But, the new civilian government failed to keep the country together and problems arose.

The country was having problems with ethic issues, corrupted government, people and ethic insurgencies were continuously against each other.
In 1958 the ruling party split and the military was in charge of the country. This was in order to keep the situation under control. For two years the country suffered with this ruling system and the people lived in fear.

Once U Nu made a civilian government life worsened even more. It led to the coup of 1962 under the military general. This event led to direct military rule for a few more years. This socially wasn’t good for the country. It made the country go into poverty, inequality, country corruption and even international isolation.

History seems to be repeating itself and things look very similar to how they did years ago. The country is going back into military power and all social media is slowly being cut off. Facebook, Whatsapp, broadcasting stations and other social media sites have all been blocked. The people of the country used social media as much as they could to inform the rest of the world to seek help.

I interviewed March Green who is bermese and asked her about what she believes about this situation and a citizen of a neighboring country of Myanmar. She thinks it’s horrible that this is happening again for the second time and it’s time for the surrounding countries to unite and help the people. They should also try to get the entire country to understand why this shouldn’t be happening. This could potentially lead to even worse living conditions, economic relations, and political alliances for the country. If social media continues to be cut off then outsiders won’t even know what’s happening within the boarders of Myanmar.

I also interviewed Novem Moe who is Thai and asked her what she believes about this as a neighboring country of Myanmar. She thinks that they should’ve learned from their mistakes the first time this happened so that they could take better precautions of what to do in case it happened again. She also thinks if the situation gets worse then neighboring countries should be open to accept whoever is in need of help.

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