How Do Visual Art Classes Operate During NTI?

Written By Patrick Domeck

With many students that are in a visual arts class online learning seems a bit different from other classes if it is band, orchestra, and art. There are about 94,060 art teachers and 122,500 music teachers around the United States that are teaching children and teens.

Many students who do music do it for a career or for fun. Musical training helps develop language and reasoning: Students who have early musical training will develop the areas of the brain related to language and reasoning. Students learn to improve their work by Learning music and students can learn to create good work ethics instead of mediocre work. When students learn art they can learn a variety of powerful communication skills by studying the arts. Mathew said “Doing band class is different this year since we cant play are instruments in class and have to play them at home.”

When it comes to how class operates teachers are about the same. “I lead NTI/virtual classes from my home art studio, and I use this space to show how artists work, to teach students how to use materials, and how to work on their art projects from a home environment. I post weekly projects and resources on Google Classroom, along with Art Contests, Scholarship Information and other things that my students need for success. I also have a class blog/website and twitter account that I use to post student accomplishments, and to share student artwork. In class, I use a mix of live instruction, video lessons, artist’s interviews, and virtual field trips to art museums or to artist’s studios. I also use resources like Instagram to teach about contemporary artists around the world who are actively working…to show the multitude of creative careers that are available today.” said Ms. Webb

When it comes to the students side working with their art/music teachers they still follow the same rules as given from the schools district. Most students have their camera and microphone off and turn it on when asked questions. When it comes to student collabing with their teacher “Sometimes students turn on their cameras or microphones, but I don’t require it. This is because wireless connections often cause lag time when cameras are on, and to use more power. Students work on projects as the videos are playing, and I encourage them to use my class as studio time to make their art…so they don’t have to spend as much time outside of class. To collaborate during class, we use the chat, Jamboard (for brainstorming), and I use an app called Padlet. Padlet is an online “Gallery” where students can upload their work and share comments. Of course, Google Slides is also a good way to document progress and add comments/feedback.” said Ms. Webb

When it comes to teachers coping with NTI “For Art class, the biggest challenge is that many students do not have basic supplies at home. I’ve been to school several times to prepare art kits for pickup, but even with that, not everyone has been able to get to school during normal hours to pick them up. I’ve tried to create lessons that focus on supplies that should be available…like pencil drawing, watercolor painting, etc. However, part of the fun of art class is experimenting with new supplies! It’s helped me to think creatively though, and I’ve learned some new techniques myself along the way. For example, we’ve done painting using homemade inks from plant materials, painted using coffee, tea and kool aid, and used recycled materials as a painting surface. It’s getting easier as it goes, and I think students are beginning to have gathered more of the tools they need. It’s also been an opportunity for students to use digital apps to create their artwork.” said Ms. Webb

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