Animal Adoption During A Pandemic

Written By Selena Bailey

Approximately six and a half million animals are put into animal shelters a year. During 2020 we went through, and are continuing to go through a pandemic that has put many people out of work and out of in person activities. Pet adoptions have soared through 2020 because of this. The average number of pets adopted per year is 3.2 million.

After the first year with the pandemic, 2020 has had many shelters running out of animals.
The soar in adoptions of animals is believed to be caused by the number of people stuck at home. “We thought people would stop adopting because they would need to conserve their money,” said Cindy Sharpley, founder and director of Last Chance Animal Rescue, a nonprofit animal shelter in Waldorf. “But that hasn’t happened. It’s been just the opposite. They’re going like hot cakes. We can hardly keep them in stock.” These shelters have acclimated to the new policies by adjusting with new precautions such as meet and greets online and check ups with no waiting room.

Shelters specifically noticed that there are double the amount of dogs being adopted over quarantine. “My family has adopted five new pets since quarantine started,” Says Rebecca Bailey, local mother,” They have brought sunshine with them through the dark times we are facing in this world.”

There seem to be many reasons animals are being adopted now more than ever. “My pets have helped to calm me down and feel less lonely without being able to see my friends every day,” Local teenage Ian Houstan states,”It really has become a huge blessing to have these animals by my side.” This is a positive impact on many but some have some doubts on others commitment after quarantine is over. “I’m concerned people will regret the adoptions once COVID-19 is over,” Local Mother, Rebecca Bailey states,”Owning a pet is a huge commitment and it can be difficult to balance with work and school. I just don’t want to see all the work put into rescuing these animals go down the drain.”

Whether you have adopted an animal or not over quarantine, they all hold a piece of our hearts. It is truly amazing what a positive impact we have all made. Even through a terrible world wide pandemic we have still found ways to leave a positive mark on society and help animals find a loving home. Animals help us through this pandemic with companionship and love.

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