Congrats, Mia Langford!

Written By Mason Lewis

Mia Langford wins Distinctive Award in the Horsing Around With Art Competition.

The horsing around with art competition is an art competition put on by the Kentucky Derby Museum for students from third to twelfth grade. There are five divisions for awards in this particular competition, the sculpture division, the intermediate division, the middle school division, highschool division and then a separate category of distinctive award winners. Mia Langford won a distinctive award that is sponsored by the Outriders Society for having the painting that represented the traditions of the Kentucky Derby the best. I talked to her about it and she said she is very excited to have won the award because this is her first distinctive award win. Mia is a sophomore at PRP and as a freshman won two honorable mention awards. One for another Derby competition and one for a vase she made for the Scholastic Art and Writing awards.

In my interview with Mia we talked about how long she’d been painting which was four years, starting when she was in the sixth grade and having gained quite a knack for it since then, racking up an award in almost every contest she has entered. In her most recent piece, she included a very accurate depiction of a mint julep attached to a woman’s arm who is wearing a hat. Most people in Kentucky know that women’s hats are a staple when they attend the Derby. Her painting also had a race track going around the woman’s hat. I think we can all see why this showcased the traditions of the Derby the best.

I also got a chance to talk to the art teacher at PRP Mrs. Denise Webb, who has been a teacher at PRP for ten years. We talked a little bit about the competition itself. PRP has been entering kids in the Horsing Around with Art Competition for over 20 years and the competition itself is 35 years old. In the past few years there have been many other distinctive award winners from PRP just last year Savannah Sosna won the Millinery Fashion award and Ki-Rohr Carrasquilo won a spot in the Winner’s Circle exhibit in Frankfort. A few years ago another PRP student won the grand prize in the competition and received a box for six at the Derby.

The Kentucky Derby museum is extremely supportive to PRP students and that they offer field trips and other programs to educate kids about Churchill Downs and the history. To schedule a visit go to

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