Why We Shouldn’t Go Back To School

Written By Sumria Islam

The numbers are high. People are dying, right in front of our eyes and we can only do one thing about it. Stay home and protect the ones we love by staying away from the ones we love. Going back to school only increases those chances of getting our loved ones contracting the virus.

Students will be going to school, but this affects so many people such as teachers, staff, bus drivers etc. We also must think about how long we will be going to school; students will have to wear a mask for about eight hours a day and it might not be a problem for the older kids but what about the younger kids? They won’t be used to wearing a mask and will have an even harder time with keeping it on. Vaccines have yet to come out for kids under the age of 16. So, if one of these younger kids does happen to get Covid-19 then how will they cope with having the virus? How many people will the children affect along the way?

I interviewed Kimmie Nguyen, a 14-year-old student who attends DuPont Manual High School. She does not like the idea of going back to school halfway through the year just because of how it sets a balance in everything. She also is against the idea because she is worried, she might put her older family members in risk if she goes to school. Kimmie also mentioned the point of how many vaccines there are to spread out and how there are other people who need it more than her currently such as the people living in LA county, where there are absolutely no hospital rooms left for patients.

I also interviewed Shahria Islam and asked what her thoughts about this as someone who doesn’t go to grade school anymore. She says that there will be a spike in affected people and that we should wait after things are more in control so that it can create a safer environment. She also believes that we should keep NTI (Non-Traditional Instruction) a choice for the rest of the school year so that we can spend the next few months getting everything under control.

There is always the thought of kids not being able to learn properly and how different this is, but it is something we should push through. Kids not learning and people dying are two different issues, one of which is more important and more life-altering than the other. As always, getting kids back in school is a priority but it should not be our first priority. We should make sure the plan is foolproof before we decide anything and that could take time.

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