Do Birds Make Good Pets?

Written By Selena Bailey

There are over eighteen thousand bird species around the world. Some people think of them as wild animals but some decide to give them companionship. Many people own pet birds. Birds can be good pets because they are intelligent, social, and many bird species have a very long life span. Pet birds are a big commitment but in the end, it may be worth it.

Birds can be very intelligent. You can teach a bird tricks and rules just like you can treat a dog. What may surprise you though, is how smart they really are. A recent study showed us that an African Grey Parrot scored as high as a three year old on a mental test. So not only do they catch on fast but they are on the same mental level as a human child. That’s impressive!

Another reason birds can make good pets is that birds are very social. “My bird peepers are very social,” Rebecca Bailey, a local pet owner states,”He wants to eat when I eat, he bounces up and down when he wants to get out and sit with us.” Birds want to be around you as much as possible. Some birds enjoy sitting on the couch with you, or going on a trip to the kitchen. Whatever the activity, the birds seem to love having your company.

Finally, birds make good pets because they can have very long lifespans. Normal house pets such as cats and dogs have lived a maximum of twenty years but that is rare. Birds can live way past that mark. “I loved being able to grow up with my bird,” Past parakeet owner Ian Houston states,”My parents had her before I was even born.” Birds can live anywhere from five years old to one hundred years old. This means that once you get a bird it can literally be a lifetime commitment.

In conclusion, birds have many attributes that make them good pets. “I recommend you make sure to do your research,” Rebecca bailey, a local bird owner states,”Because once you get a bird it is a huge commitment to uphold.” Make sure you know what type of bird you want before you buy it. Also do not forget to check what it takes to keep your bird healthy.

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