Are Phones Good or Bad for teens?

Written By Sumria Islam

Most of the teenagers you see around have a phone in their pocket. A recent study in 2012 shows that 58% of teenagers in North America have a phone on them at all times. If you walk through a high school hallway you would see kids on their phones scrolling through their social media as they walk to their next class. But, are phones really as bad as everyone makes them out to be?

During this pandemic teenagers have been on their phones more than ever. They have been using them to login for a zoom meeting, doing homework or creating group projects. They have been doing research and learned to keep in contact with people without ever meeting them in the real world.

As much as people praise teenagers on their phones they do have a negative side as well. Phones can keep teenagers distracted from the things that are right in front of them like their sleep, the road or anything really. But those things can be taken care of if parents do take them away for a certain amount of time everyday or if the teenagers give themselves a sense of self discipline.

This generation of teenagers also are more involved than any other generation because of their phones. The apps on their phones like Tik Tok, Instagram or even Snapchat have helped teens know and understand everything that is going on in the world only seconds after the event occurred. Understanding events helps change the world and that is only something you can do with the help of these small rectangles people carry around in their back pockets.

Although many people may say teenagers shouldn’t have phones, they keep the younger generation more involved even if they are young and aren’t present. So as much as you want to keep it away from them, especially now, then you’re basically keeping them away from the world.As far as my personal opinion, I would say that phones aren’t bad at all.

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