Ms. Scott-Berger’s English II and English III classes read the poem “Affrilachia” by Frank X. Walker. In it he describes what his Kentucky looks like. Following are some of the poems that her students created about what their Kentucky looks like.

My Kentucky looks like family dinners and sharing laughs
Seeing smiling faces and hearing F-150’s going by
Riding shotgun in an old Ford Ranger or riding in the bed in a field
Looking out the window or sitting on the porch
Drinking sweet tea with your best friend
Going mudding in boots, jeans and an old tee shirt
My Kentucky is family.
By Rachel Ernspiker – grade 11

My Kentucky has changed 
Changed from the feeling of roaming free
Used to be soul warming to me 
I would ride down that road on four wheels I go 
But that’s not what other people see 

They see country as south 
And south is still wrong for what happened 
Although it wasn’t ‘cause of you and me 
They don’t see sun sets on trees 
Or the wood filled with bees 
They see racist people who don’t want them free 

I wish they could see
What I also see 
A world where all is one and one is all
By Zachary Alvey, Grade 10

When I think of my Kentucky home, I’m thinking,
 Dogs barking all around and my dog laying on the porch
Children laughing and playing in the streets
Cars zooming up and down the roads
Four wheelers tearing up the night
Dirt Bikes riding around the neighborhood
Old Joe on his golf cart leading the way
The smell of fresh cut lawn and tomatoes growing on the vine
My mom cooking and baking especially around the holidays
Yes, life in Kentucky sure can be fun,
 but don’t get me wrong it can be hard at times.
There are places filled with poverty and poor
People can’t afford a place to live 
Or food on the table
But I sure love my Kentucky home 
And the horses next door makes it feel like Kentucky for sure.
By William Dye – Grade 10

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