The Butterfly Effect

Written By Payne Findley

Tyler, the creator

Before Fame
Tyler Gregory Okonma, A.K.A Tyler, The Creator is one of if not the best rappers/musicians ever. Some of the things that Tyler got most of his styles and inspirations was his childhood and mostly in his teenage years. Tyler was born in Ladera Heights, California; in southern California growing up in the mid-90s with some of the best rappers coming out California, he found a jazzer beginning with his mother music liking Erykah Badu, and Phyllis Hyman. Tylers musical love would change from a cd his aunt gave him of the Black Eyes Peas, he said riding in the car listing to Snoop Dogg he said was dope but listening to someone who rapped on a jazzy beat that he grew up to as a young kid, but at 8 his mother gave him 2001 by Dr Dre, which as a young kid who loves music and loves to make it music he started raps and making album covers for his future songs and albums. When he was younger he didn’t like being a “normal” things for a kid that lives in southern California, he spent his time riding skateboard and reading album covers notes, he said it was hard being 9 and black.

Rapper styles
His role models for his rap start and style are Andre 3000, Kayne, and Pharell Williams, being a strong black role model with different styles and breaking stereotypes of being a black rapper. His favorite instrument was a keyboard when he was 12 his mom put him in basketball and hated it, so he bought himself a keyboard for Christmas and spent the whole summer trying to learn it.

First start: Odd Future
Odd Future was a rap group that had Tyler, The Creator, Earl Sweatshirt, Left Brain, Mike G, and Hodgy Beats; this group of teens from my space that thought what they we’re making was fun and turned into a future. Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All was the new group of young rappers that rapped about drugs, gore, and skateboarding was rapping about kids that didn’t fit in and we’re too cool to be lame they we’re a new image that said hey your not weird for dressing different, and skateboarding. They became famous for being the only group that rapped about grotesk things and making it sound good and make some sense in the way, i’m not saying go kill and steal I’m saying it made some people think that different was cool and i didn’t just change the listener in change rap also.

What away to start your first album off with the name, Bastard, in 2009 Tyler, The Creator dropped a story laid album with dark deep album that talks about depression and mental health. This album touches on how he feels about his dad leaving and very controversial topics, and it was a hit people couldn’t get enough of it. Tyler made a rap mixtape that wasn’t mainstream hip-hop and was successful as a rap album talking about what a young immature teen would talk about, the deep-dirty sounding vocals goes perfect with the growling like beats and samples, this was the first taste from Tyler’s weird beautiful mind; and it was one of the best mixtapes of the 2000s.

After a great mixtape Tyler makes a album that on the first song pulls you in with a slow deep voice that pulls you in and makes you listen, Goblin is addicting. This album talks about the new found fame and how a young teen deals with money and the negative critics, he says in Goblin “Can’t they just be happy for me like a kid with nothing living out his dream?” Critics hated and loved this album with songs like Yonkers, Yonkers starts with a boom bap drum pattern and a deep voice that is like a countdown to start the onslaught of bars that are uneasy on the stomach and makes you listen more, Tyler kills this song his voice is known to be a weird sounding deep voice but goes perfectly with the slow mellow but hardcore beat. She is the fourth song on the album featuring Frank Ocean, Frank starts the song and it’s him talking to his girl about an intruder coming in and then Tyler comes in rapping like a jealous ex that misses his old girlfriend and showing his immaturity and telling her about the things he will do if she doesn’t get back with him, on a funky groovy beat it’s a good song to chill to on the face leave but knowing Tyler it’s dark, deep and another page from a young rapper living the dream.

Wolf starting slow on a piano with like twinkling sounds, sounds like a drum line out of a dream. The chill mellow beat is under a Tyler voice that says “f**at the end of the song you see the new Tyler named wolf comes in and meets Tyler and tells Tyler how the album will go. Then Jamba starts, this deep fast pace song is a middle class white kids dream it’s a song that raps about killing and things that mainstream hip-hop raps about with topics that immature kids eat up, Cowboy is the third song that is a another deep sounding song that sounds like Tyler A.K.A Wolf is sending shots to everyone but no one at the same time, the bars are everywhere and it’s the perfect way to show someone old Tyler this song is everything that Tyler was all about. With songs that are crazy and get you going and up beat, Tyler slips in songs that are soft almost none hip-hop songs that showed a new side the song Ifhy featuring Pharrell Williams, is a song that starts with Tyler telling the audience that this is a song about his feelings and his mindset going forward but telling everyone that it’s about a girl it’s the setting stone for the albums that come after Cherry Bomb.

Cherry Bomb
Cherry Bomb is Tyler’s favorite album because it’s his style, this album is all of the songs that Tyler wanted to make and it wasn’t what the listeners wanted. The first song DEATHCAMP is a fast beat all over the place with electric guitar samples and drums that sound gunshots gets you started off uneasy. The next song BUFFALO is on the same page louder drums and laser sounding keys set the mood of the song, Tyler talks about how he feels about critics and tells them what he thinks about him self in the light of there words, he uses this song to to show his wealth and how his tired of people watching other people who makes music and saying in a deeper meaning that he is his own person and his tired of listening. The songs on this album are loud and in ur face but SMUCKERS featuring Lil Wayne and Kayne West, this song is more hip-hop but in a Tyler, The Creator way, Tyler starts the song of dropping great bars that go well with the beat, then Kayne West goes second Kayne goes off showing that Kayne is one of the best rappers ever and he makes the song and untimely classic, then Lil Wayne comes of with Tyler rapping with him all three of this rappers make one of the best songs ever made with bars that go amazing with the wild and unprotected beats and sounds.

Flower Boy
Flower boy was Tyler’s comeback album because he thought Cherry Bomb was a flop and he went at this one with it has to be good or his done, and it shows. Foreword is the first song this song talks about his battle with mental health and the issues that go on with him and how he feels like he has nothing even with everything, See You Again featuring Kail Uchis this song is a beautiful sounding song with violins or a nice beat with twinkling high hats, this song talks about a love that he only sees in his mind and he doesn’t know if he wants to to show it going back and forth with himself and how he feels, after a beautiful song Tyler drops Who Dat Boy featuring ASAP Rocky, this is a hip-hop song with great bars that lets you know Tyler is an artist that can do all, his a rapper with a fashion line, with homes with money that no one but him can make.

Tyler’s most recent album is far from a hip-hop album it’s more of a beautiful painting that is understood and misunderstood. This beautiful work of art is mixed, written, and produced by Tyler. This is an album about his love life and feelings towards this guy and how he is being treated in the relationship. The album opens with a long drawn out sound with lil uzi vert saying riding round town they’re gonna feel this one, which is one of Tyler’s suggestions on how to listen to this the first time, with no skips and no interruptions. Earthquake is the second and it talks about a parthern living and understanding that its tylers fault, the next song is I Think which talks about how bad he wants this partherner and doesnt know how to let the person the feelings that he feels, a perfect calm cut before Running Out Of Time the song is a slow electric keyboard beat over perfect vocals. New Magic Wand my favorite song tyler has made, it a fast, funky song with high pitched high hats over a beat that moves between high and low, a song about losing a person that you really love and having no way to fix it, even through all of the begging and pleading that person is dead set. A Boy Is A Gun is an argument between him and the person he wants and he goes back and forth from wanting to leave him and trying to make it work. Puppet is about Tyler wanting to be with this person so bad that he would do anything for that person to love him the same way. Igor is an alter ego of Tyler and it’s a soft side of Tyler that started back in Flower Boy, the mature and grown up Tyler is bad for old fans but fans like me think it’s the perfect move for tyler.

Tyler’s Impact
Tyler, The Creator is one of my heroes and i know that he is for main of the kids that grew up listening and not knowing how to feel or act because we were weird, he should alot of people that you can do what you love for a living and having fun while doing even if its unconventional, he was and will always be inspiring people to do what they love and to not care about other people just care about yourself.

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