Kentucky Derby

Written By Natalie Harris

One of the nation’s greatest events takes place in our own city of Louisville, Kentucky. This event is known as the Kentucky Derby. Typically, there are thousands of spectators betting on horses, wearing fancy dresses or suits, and wearing fun, creative derby hats. The race is typically held on the first Saturday in May, but was pushed back to September 5th, 2020. With the novel Coronavirus pandemic, there have been many modifications in many different ways so that everyone stays safe.

The Kentucky Derby draws in people from all over the world, but one Coronavirus restriction for this year was no spectators. Due to the rising number of cases in the city, there was no way they could allow so many people into a restrictive space, so it was easier to just watch it online and not allow any personnel in. The only people allowed were staff at Churchill Downs, owners, trainers, jockeys, and immediate family. The required wearing of masks and staying six feet apart from each other was another plan put in place for the people attending.

This year, during the call to the posts, there were only sixteen horses that entered the track. There were three horses that dropped out, Thousand Words, King Guillermo, and Finnick the Fierce. The horse that had the best odds was Tiz the Law, with 3-5. Avery Hatfield, a sophomore at PRP says that, “This derby was different than most. I wanted Authentic to win the Kentucky Derby. One reason is because I loved the name. The second reason is because it had decent odds (8/1) it wasn’t too low, but it wasn’t the best of the best either.” In the end, there could be only one real winner, and the horse that ended up winning was Authentic.

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