Which is Better, NTI or in Person Learning?

Written By Natalie Harris

Everyone’s facing challenges and obstacles through the Coronavirus pandemic. It has created new restrictive guidelines for everyone such as wearing a mask, staying six feet apart from others, quarantining, travel advisories, and keeping your hands clean. We are monitoring everything we do in order to protect ourselves and others at risk from our rising Coronavirus case numbers. As we know, the Coronavirus has forced schools to switch to non-traditional learning in order to keep students and teachers safe. However now that the new school year has started, which would be more beneficial to students, NTI or in person learning?

While NTI seems like a good substitute for in person learning there are some disadvantages to it. Not everyone has internet access and accessibility to technology, making it difficult for those students to attend school. Students tend to learn better in a learning environment with little distractions, but when students are learning from home they have to learn how to take responsibility and have self control to keep off of their phones and other devices

There isn’t structured learning like a In person school, students are forced to keep track of time, keep their learning device charged, and some even have to work in noisy environments. Elanor Johnson, a sophomore at PRP high school believes that “Our school system is much safer staying at home then going in person because in order to eradicate COVID- 19 everyone needs to stay at home as much as possible. In-person school would only work if students obeyed by social distancing and mask rules but I highly doubt that everyone is going to stay away from each other and wear their masks at all times.” The benefits to NTI include learning in a comfortable environment, more free time and opportunities to do homework or to relax and keeping students and teachers safe from the virus.

The other option is to do in person learning during the pandemic, but it also brings us some disadvantages. Students must remain six feet away from each other and avoid contact. We have to also follow the restrictive guidelines and wear a mask for the whole day at school. By going into school, we are putting students and staff at a major risk of getting the virus. In person learning can also be especially threatening and risky to students with diseases that make them more prone to the virus. Going to school in person also brings us some benefits as well, we will receive face to face feedback and we get to ask questions and receive help immediately. Students get to interact and communicate with their friends, from a distance. Everyone also gains back the routine and structured schedule that we’re all used to. In the end, our schools are going to have to choose the safest and most beneficial option for students. So, which is the better option for students and staff, NTI or in person learning?

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