How COVID Has Affected Seniors’ Future Plans

Written by Debra Murray

While the class of 2020 has already had an interesting end to their senior year, what about their next step? Many college orientations have been moved to online and some colleges have even considered having the fall semester be online.

“I’m still continuing to crack down on scholarship opportunities at every moment I can. I’m hoping that the first semester of college will be like how I planned and I’ll be able to live on campus. I’m not able to do an orientation, which is going to be a bit odd considering I won’t get that firsthand college experience before I actually start, but I’m staying optimistic,” said Senior Austin Rivers.

Many people have been taking advantage of the internet and social media to find new opportunities or to get a jump on making new friends for when they finally get on campus.

“My college plans have remained the same. I’ve just been continuing the process by applying for housing and signing up for orientation in hopes that our first semester will be able to go on as normal. Also, using social media to reach out and meet future classmates has been a great way to stay positive within the chaos,” said Senior Isabel Martin.

Some students have worries about their future or money to cover expenses due to many companies laying off staff.

“I can’t pay most of my dues due to the limited staff. Registration is also up in the air because of the quarantine,” said Senior Hayley Linville.

Other students are using this time to prepare for starting college this fall and to figure out any last-minute arrangements.

“I’m saving the money up to pay for the dues when I am able to. I’m still getting everything in order, like my master plan and major situation,” said Linville.

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