How Athletic Teams Around The World are Affected by COVID-19

Written By Payne Findley


2020 sports start

   The 2020 sports kickoff started out well with good football,  great superbowl game, and a great college football playoff. Basketball was half way done and everyone was ready for March Madness to watch their favorite college basketball teams, others were also excited for May which is the start of the NBA playoffs. 

Baseball had a couple of spring training games and college baseball had played 18 games, but due to Covid-19 all sports stopped, or did they? As of late April baseball has kicked back up with no fans, leagues like the KBO, NPB, and the TPB. The baseball played in these leagues for the most part is good baseball. The UFC has also had fights held with no crowds in other countries. So while keeping safe, checking these leagues out would be good to pass the time. 

The NCAA has responded to the crisis, calling off its 2020 winter and spring championships. The stand still in sports is essential, of course. The mass gatherings that are typical of many athletic competitions only contribute to the spread of the virus, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has warned.

Fans undoubtedly miss the games—the cheering, the energy, the nail-biting drama of a hotly contested game. Many will agree that the current hiatus is insignificant given the dire circumstances our nation—indeed, the world—now faces. The towering home runs, thunderous dunks, and spectacular slap shots will return, eventually. But when is difficult to say.   So, for now, the sports industry, along with the fans, must endure the temporary loss.


PRP 2020 Sports 

The ridge will not have sports in the spring sadly, but PRP Athletics has found a way to honor the seniors who had an impact on the school team. PRP decorated the fields to honor seniors by stating  their names and numbers.


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