What the Class of 2020 Feels About the Abrupt Ending to Our Senior Year

Written by Debra Murray

Due to COVID-19 canceling the rest of the school year in Kentucky and many other states, the senior class of 2020 is missing out on a great number of traditional memories. While public health is very important and staying safe is necessary, seniors have every right to feel emotional about what they did not get to experience.

“I feel like I am not going to get a proper transition into adulthood as every other senior has. The thought of not moving forward with my friends I’ve spent 4 years around upset me at first, but I think we can only try to make the most out of it. I’m excited to see where everyone goes now that high school is basically over,” said Senior Class President Austin Rivers.

Students feel that they are missing out on a proper goodbye to their fellow classmates before going their separate ways to attend college or start a career.

“I’m honestly really heartbroken because I love my school and class so much and am so sad that we all missed out on those memories, but I’m just trying to remember the bigger picture and be thankful for the time that we all got together,” said Senior Isabel Martin.

While many seniors are really sad about how abruptly their senior year has come to an end, they are still choosing to look on the positive side and make the most out of the summer they have left before college.

“When I first heard the news I was so upset. We put in all this work to get to our senior year just to have it taken away. It’s not fair. Now I’ve accepted it for what it is and the fact that we can’t change it. This whole thing taught me how we should all focus on appreciating each moment we get while we can because we literally never know when it’s going to end or be taken away,” said Senior Joyce Augustine.

All of these cancellations can be used as a lesson as Augustine mentioned. It reminds people to cherish each moment as it is passing and to appreciate each memory that someone is fortunate enough to make.

“I’m pretty upset about how things ended for senior year. It feels incomplete. I hoped and hoped for everything to go by really fast so I could be out of there for good, and I regret that completely,” said Senior Skylar Hutchison. “I wanted to come together as a class and do everything we had hoped for. I feel like I’m being put out into the adult world too soon and I wasn’t able to complete what was left for me. It’s a very sad thing. I just hope to see everyone one last time for prom!”

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