Bored While in Quarantine?

Written By Adrianna LoChirco

The novel coronavirus is no longer culturally novel — it’s been several weeks since schools and non-essential workplaces began to close down, and many are settling into what’s become a new normal of social distancing. Instead of face-to-face contact, people around the world have developed new ways to stay connected and still have fun, even while adhering to public health guidelines.

From bingeing Netflix series like “Tiger King” to celebrating birthdays with family to getting really passionate about baking bread, here are some compiled suggestions on how to entertain yourself — and still hang out with your friends — while quarantined.

  1. Make efforts to stay connected with your friends using video chatting platforms to throw parties and just hang out.

While you can’t celebrate birthdays or throw parties in person, use video chatting platforms like Zoom or Google Hangouts to hang out with your friends in groups. Plenty of others are turning to services like Google Hangouts, which lets you video chat with friends using your Google account, and Houseparty, another video chatting app popular with teenagers that allows you to play games in-app, to connect with people.

2. Binge Tik-Tok

While it’s now easy to connect with remote friends online, it’s just as important to take advantage of the in-person relationships you still have, whether you’re currently living with roommates, family, or a partner. People have taken to TikTok and other social media platforms to share how they’ve been creatively celebrating birthdays.

One family has been uploading videos to TikTok of elaborate themed dinners, cooking food and creating experiences around themes like “airplane,” “Hibachi grill,” and “Hooters.” Finding creative ways to make meals more fun can add a bright spot to your day and lead to quality time with the people you’re living with.

Plenty of celebrity families are opening up their lives to the public on TikTok while quarantined as well, including Ciara, Usher, and Jennifer Lopez, if you’re looking for more examples of family fun.

3. 2 words, Tiger King

If you’re hoping to forget your COVID-19 fears and get swept up in the niche drama of big cat captivity in the United States, there’s no better quarantine activity than watching Netflix’s newest docuseries “Tiger Cat: Murder, Mayhem and Madness.”

The hit documentary chronicles the escalating conflict between big cat breeders who own private zoos and animal rights activists — a conflict that culminates in an alleged murder-for-hire plot. Ultimately, though, the appeal of “Tiger King” comes from the chaotic energy of its bizarre and compelling cast.

Accordingly, the #TigerKing hashtag has dominated Twitter since the documentary premiered and celebrities are already angling to score roles in a potential movie remake.
You don’t have to experience the magic and chaos of “Tiger King” by yourself. Netflix Party, an increasingly popular feature from the streaming service, allows users to download a Google Chrome browser extension that facilitates group-watching. After downloading the extension, you are free to invite friends to watch content simultaneously — and everyone can share their thoughts in a virtual chat.

4. Peruse Twitter’s best quarantine memes.

Twitter has proven to be the best destination for memes finding the humor in the new reality of a pandemic.
From “celebrities as hand sanitizer” memes to tweets imagining how the pandemic might play out on an episode of “Office,” the platform is inundated with content to help you laugh at the new normal.

5. If you prefer to disconnect from technology, take some time to dig into your backlog of books.

Once you’ve perused every meme, memorized every TikTok dance, and watched the entirety of Netflix’s documentary section, you may want to look for offline entertainment. Books are a good way to build vocabulary and comprehensive skills. Teachers would be proud to find out students are reading.

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