Farewell But Not Goodbye

Written by Charley Harp

It’s weird to think that I am almost done with high school. It seems like it drug on for forever, but now I blink and it might as well already be over. It hasn’t been a cake walk by any means, but just like anything in life, everything serves as a lesson. I believe everything that happened, is happening, and will happen for a reason.

I’d like to first thank Morgan Waits for being my rock. She has never failed me all throughout the four years I’ve known her, and it feels so good to know I always have her to fall back on when things get tough. My senior year was my first year without her, which was scary, but she continued to treat me with coffee at Safai and chicken nuggets. She will not ever be able to comprehend what she means to me, but that’s okay.

Then I’d like to thank the friends who I am graduating with: Zoe, Debra, Austin, Savannah, Julia, Peyton, Alexx, and many, many others. You guys have given me so much joy and love and have honestly changed me in so many ways, all for the better.

Right now the world is very messy and that is frightening, but my generation is used to the disarray by now. I look forward to college and really being able to take advantage of my education now that I understand how much I genuinely enjoy learning. I cannot wait to meet new people and learn from them, just as I did in high school. I think I’ll go for Biology, but I may change my mind and I’ve started to learn that that is okay. I am strong enough to survive and persist through anything in a cockroach-like fashion, so I’m not tripping on it.

I also want to give an honorable mention to the boys: Sam, Jakob, Parcus, and Tim, who I haven’t known for long but are legitimately some of the funniest people I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. I have a strong feeling that you guys will do big, big things! Also, Grace Banta, I love you very much and I hope you enjoy my parking spot.

I have enjoyed my senior year more than I have all the other years combined, and I have all those aforementioned to thank, plus many others who didn’t make it on here explicitly. Good luck to the graduating class of 2021. I have faith in most of you. Goodbye, Pleasure Ridge Park High School!


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