COVID-19 Shows Voters How Presidential Candidates Will Respond in Office

Written by Debra Murray

As the upcoming election nears in November, the COVID-19 pandemic gives voters insight into how presidential candidates would handle a crisis if they were elected.

“I want to vote for a candidate who takes the wellbeing of their people into consideration before anything. The people are what make our country, and our health, safety, and economic status should come first before anything,” said Senior Austin Rivers.

Many have criticized President Trump for not preventing the spread of the virus when it started effecting China and Italy. On January, 30th, Trump stated that “We have very little problem in this country at the moment,” but cases of the virus quickly skyrocketed to 576,695 confirmed cases of COVID-19, 23,068 of them resulted in death. The United States has had more confirmed cases than any other country.

“Donald Trump hasn’t really taken an initiative in handling the outbreak, while the other presidential candidates have talked about implementing restrictions to keep the virus from spreading,” said Senior Brianna Barley.

Democratic Presidential Candidate Joe Biden -only one day later than President Trump- stated: “American people need to have a president who they can trust what he says about it and that he is going to act rationally about it.” Biden has also turned to Twitter and Instagram to explain how he would handle a crisis like this.

“No president can promise to prevent future outbreaks, but I can promise you this: When I’m president, we will be better prepared, respond better, and recover better. We’ll lead with science and listen to experts. And I will always tell the truth,” said Biden via an Instagram Post.

President Trump later stated, “The virus will go away in April,” but realistically how the virus is affected by heat and the change of seasons is unknown.

“We have to assume that the virus will continue to have the capacity to spread, and it’s a false hope to say yes, it will just disappear in the summer like influenza,” said Dr. Michael Ryan, the World Health Organization’s emergencies chief in an interview with Fox.


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