Pride, Respect, Perseverance, and Now a Sad Farewell

Written by Savannah Sosna

Everything eventually ends, but four years was not long enough. As I spend my last months of senior year at home, I can only reminisce about the good memories I have within the walls of Pleasure Ridge Park High School. So, if we are taking a trip down memory lane together, let’s start at the beginning.

I came to the Ridge as a Sophomore. Freshman year was a hard one for me. I felt out of place and I had no idea who I was. Sheltered my whole life in Catholic School, the thought of attending public school my sophomore year was both exciting and terrifying. That August, I stepped into the doors without the itchiness of a school uniform and had absolutely no idea what to expect. Did you all pray before eating lunch?

No, many things were much different here. For example, I had never been offered a theatre program in all my years of schooling. After becoming involved, I slowly but surely found somewhere that made me feel right at home. That’s what PRP is to me: a home away from home.

In the three years of attending, I moved around a lot. Three different houses. One for each year. Adjusting to the change was always hard for me. Knowing that I had such a safe haven to go to Monday through Friday was comforting. I have met some of the best people I have ever known at PRP. Many of which I call my friends, and some that I have been so lucky to have had as teachers. There are so many memories. Many things of which are events I cannot forget. There are small things, like how people would rave when biscuits were served in the cafeteria. Or the groans and complaints as my classmates bundled up if they had to walk to the tech building that next period, in the middle of winter. Then bigger things, such as laughing with my friends in classes and creating more inside jokes than you can imagine.

I am known for being a big talker. Ask any one of my teachers, especially Mrs. Fox. She would tell you that in the beginning of becoming a Paw Print staff member till now, I have not been quiet once.  I can still faintly hear, ¨SOSNA, LESS TALKING MORE WRITING!¨ From the back room. However, no words could describe how much this school means to me. I am here though. Finally it is time to write my senior farewell and say goodbye.

I would like to give a big thank you to Mrs. Fox, Braun, Brady, Bassham, and my wonderful friends for giving me numerous opportunities to shine. For helping me grow into the LOUD, confident person I am today. This could only be done by amazing amounts of love and support, that was so generously supplied to me.

Senior Year has been an amazing ride. What a finale. I am still shaking from the pure shock of winning homecoming queen (and am sure everyone else was too), and missing seeing wonderful faces in the halls. I am so sad that it had to end so early. To my fellow classmates, I understand why our last months at our beloved school must come to a halt early, but that doesn’t mean it hurts any less.

I cannot wait to see you all soon and boohoo together at graduation. PRP will always have a special place in my heart, and I am so glad to be called a Panther.


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