College Application Tips From Seniors

Written by Debra Murray

Each year students have to face the terrifying college application process. They have to ask teachers to write recommendations, figure out how to work the Common Application, and think about what to write college essays about. This can be a nerve-racking process.

Tip #1: Decide Where to Apply

“I applied everywhere that I qualified for and had my major,” said Senior Hayley Linville.

Many colleges will reach out to prospective students, and that is a good way to start determining where a person should apply. If a student knows what career they would like to go into after college, then figuring out a major to apply for is much easier.

“A couple tips would be to definitely look into colleges that fit inside your budget, whether that means staying in-state or looking for colleges that offer the best scholarships for the particular major you would want to pursue,” said Senior Austin Rivers.

Tip #2: Organize What is Needed to Apply

“I had a Google doc of all of the colleges I applied for and then what I needed to turn in,” said Linville.

Organization is key when it comes to such a stressful and important process. With knowing what is needed to be done, planning how and when a student can do it is much easier.

“I stayed organized by narrowing schools down by major, tuition, and opportunities offered at that school,” said Rivers.

Tip #3: Learn How to Manage Stress

“I handle my stress by getting everything done early and making sure I turn in all of my assignments,” said Linville.

During college application season, being stressed out is no surprise. With school work and extracurriculars, it’s a busy time where a person cannot let stress overcome them.

“I handled the stress by managing my time wisely and motivating myself to excel in everything in order to continue working towards what I want to accomplish later in life,” said Rivers.

Tip #4: Find Help From Teachers and Counselors

“I received a bunch of help from school counselors and also my teachers,” said Rivers.

Teachers and school counselors are very helpful and supportive during this process. Whether someone needs a recommendation or just some advice, they are always there to help make the process easier.

“They helped me find scholarships and helped me fill them out,” continued Rivers. “They also informed me about certain schools that would best fit my interest.”


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