The Bill Nye Guide to Identifying Trends

Written by Savannah Sosna

Style can be considered to be a journey of evolution. Usually one must use experimentation to see what works and what doesn’t. People are often unaware that they are using the scientific method when selecting prints and styles. Followers of the trends can perhaps call themselves experimentalists! However, what if a real scientist got involved?

When the younger generations were growing up, Bill Nye was considered to be one of the greatest television hosts of all time. He specialized in shows dedicated to educating children about science, using amusing and whimsical ways. Popularly known as “Bill Nye the Science Guy,” the show was discontinued in 1999, only to be held dearly in the hearts of those who watched it. Later, the show was added on Netflix, giving the opportunity for the younger generation to help the program gain popularity once again.

Viewers want to know what is happening to Bill now. Recently, Bill has been seen in New York fashion week. Bill is no longer just a science guy. He is turning heads after a video went viral of him strutting down the runway in a fashionable floral blue blazer. (It is the kind of thing one would want to see for themselves. The link is posted below.) The Blue Jacket Fashion show is a yearly event held to raise money for men’s health and prostate cancer treatment. While other models were used, Bill decided to take his strut to the next level. He decided upon the song “Juice” by popular singer, Lizzo. His dance moves filled the room with surprise and later, applause. As he made his way confidently down the runway, you can hear audience members encouraging him by yelling “Let’s go Bill!”

Jessica Willis was the one who helped Bill’s performance go viral, posting it on Tik-Tok for fans to see. “When I saw it, I was shocked. I love Bill Nye. I watch his show on Netflix for a hint of nostalgia. When I saw he was killing it, it really made me happy. Plus, the fact that he danced to a Lizzo song was really iconic, just like him,” said Sophomore Autumn Cundiff.

Much like the last step of scientific method, one can reach a hypothesis that Bill Nye, though not a television host anymore, is still impressing audience members today. Besides, that floral coat by designer Nicholas Graham was a look to be remembered on its own.

Link to the video below:

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