Remembering Kobe

Written By Payne Findley

Kobe Bryant 

The man that shaped many kids’ lives throughout the years of his life, as a great player on the court and an even greater man off the court. He had an intense love for the game and for the people around him. The death of Kobe Bryant is a big shock in general, but especially after  Lebron James broke Bryant’s record the day before. With Kobe, the game of basketball will never be the same from the biggest stage to the playground he had his finger of the pulse of basketball, while playing and when he retired. His daughter was also a basketball player; she was playing for her father on the AAU stage. She played at a high level just like her father and took a great amount of his game in to hers, the loss of Kobe and his daughter will leave the world and the community of the game of hoops forever.

The Legacy

Just a kid from Philadelphia, Bryant showed that he had the game figured out. As a smart and hard-working kid he played at a high level throughout his growth. Being one of the first players to be drafted straight from high school, he showed that he could play and with his work ethic he proved that he was going to be the greatest player ever. During his career he won five NBA Championships, eighteen All-Star games, fifteen all NBA team, twelve time all defensive team, 2008 MVP, and was the two-time scoring leader. With the stats he earned, everyone respected him and thought he was one of the greatest players of all time.

The Impact 

His impact wasn’t only in the USA,  his impact was world wide, with his service in Africa and China he gave so much to charities. He impacted everyone by making it clear that the only thing stopping you is you, with words that cut through you and made you feel like you could lift the world. He lifted souls that were in dire need to be lifted, not only in basketball but everyone he met he lifted an ever lasting impact.

Thank You Kobe 

Every person in the world will thank you for everything you did. With this happening, this just lets you know that it is important to hug someone you love because tomorrow isn’t guaranteed. My condolences go to everyone’s family that was affected and to the Bryant family, and one last thanks to the family for making Kobe the man he was and the men he made with his words and actions.  Thank you. 

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