Panthers Dominate This Season

Written By Chloe Alexander

The PRP Panthers basketball team is killing it this season with a record of 12-5. With five seniors leaving last year, people were curious as to how this basketball season would go, but the Panthers are proving themselves by becoming the #1 team in the region after beating Ballard, the #1 team in the state! It was an intense, but awesome game, with the final score being 96-87. 

Zee McCown, a starting freshman who dropped 31 points in their game against Ballard was asked how he felt the season was going, saying, “The season is going good so far, we’re 12-5 and we have just been playing very good overall.” He was then asked about any pre-game routines or things to get the team hyped up for the game. McCown said, “Well Austin,  one of the best hype men that we have, just hypes us up and keeps us all focused.” 

Austin Dant, the hype man Zee was talking about said, “I think that it [the season] is going pretty good. We just came off a big win against Ballard, and now we are the 13th in the state, so that’s pretty exciting.” Dant followed with, “ Before the game, we go in the locker room and I start getting everyone together and we start jumping and getting hyped, hen Coach Kinley gives us a pep talk and we’re ready to go.” 

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