Dress to Impress

Written by Savannah Sosna

Job interviews can be intimidating. When beating out the competition for a certain position, it is all about making a fantastic first impression. Interviewees can spend their time practicing the questions, deciding on what is a firm handshake, and listing past experience with ease. However, according to many applicants, one of the hardest things about preparing for the big day is finding out what to wear. “When I applied for my job at Cracker Barrel, I really needed some money. It was just the thing I was looking for, and knew that they didn’t just hire anyone. One of the things I was most nervous about was what to wear. No one ever knows if their choice was good enough. It’s not like they usually compliment you on your sweater in the interview! I ended up just asking advice from a friend,” Senior Shanelle Morrison said. 

When deciding on what to wear for a job interview, whether that be small like a job at a fast food chain, or an opportunity for working for one’s dream job, dressing in order to impress should always be a top priority. A way to prepare is by researching the company itself. Take into consideration that not every job is the same. While one may think that dressing in a suit and tie is always a good option, it may be a bit out of place for the circumstances. Instead, try to replicate the workplace attire as best as possible. 

In modern day, casual is the new standard. However, it is important to do your homework on the company and try to pick up the overall vibe. By doing this, it helps create your wardrobe choice. If staff members usually are dressed in a t-shirt and jeans as a uniform, an outfit selection for the big day should be a slight upgrade from that. A nice blouse with jeans would do. If noticed that employee’s wear more formal attire, this is when the classic example of a suit would be more appropriate. A good thing to keep in mind is that the interviewees want to present themselves in a way that makes them stand out. They wear the outfit: The outfit doesn’t wear them. In other words, simple is key. 

While keeping it simple is ideal, it is important to remain polished. Looking one’s best does not mean a large amount of makeup or jewelry, as these can be distracting in the interview process. Light touches of makeup and one classic accessory will go a long way. Paying attention to small details such as these will allow you to feel more confident and impress your future employer. 

Keeping this advice in mind, decoding what is business professional, business casual, and just plain casual will be easy, and leave an individual more time to showcase their skills. Good Luck Out There!

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