Thanksgiving Clap-Back Memes You Need in Your Life

Written by Adrianna LoChirco

With Thanksgiving slowly approaching many teens across the nation will start to see the hashtag “ThanksgivingClapBack” spread quickly among all social media platforms. These memes tend to have everyone gobbling like a turkey.

Below I have inserted some of the best clap-back memes that have won the Internet’s heart.

1. Sometimes you just have to tell them

_private_var_mobile_Containers_Data_Application_0E79479A-0A71-4925-9E3B-F9AE6035D166_tmp_6DEF18A1-1FC5-4C50-8D8E-428F60E3B219_Image (3)

2. When they keep bringing up your grades


3. When they just don’t know you


4. When you’re serving looks


5. Karen, mind your business


6. Again, mind your business


7. School, school, school



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