What Car You Need to Race Well

Written by Payne Findley


First Race Car:

Any first car is going to suck, but almost any car could be fast. The best car for a first “race car” is a 2005 Toyota Camry SE Sport. The Camry is a good daily drive and starts out with 157 horsepower, but it can easily get up to 225 horsepower with some modifications, or “mods” that can be done on a cheaper car.


Cars After High School: 

The Toyota 86 

payne 3.png

Part of the twins, the Toyota 86 is a small car that is low on horsepower (200-205 horsepower). Toyota is a great brand that is very capable of being “modded” to get a lot of power, but the size of the car makes mods smaller. For example, you have a choice of small twin turbos or a new air filter and a larger turbo. You could also put a supercharger in as well as turbos and filters if you have money and time to shape the car. 

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