The Art of Not Wearing Sweatpants

Written by Debra Murray

The hallways of any high school tend to be filled with students who looked like they rolled out of bed in sweatpants and a hoodie, but there are always a few students who constantly put effort into their killer outfits.

“To be honest, it’s not an effort when I dress up for school. I like to dress up and it becomes my second nature. Nine out of ten of my ‘best outfits’ are literally picked out in ten minutes,” said Senior Ebony Dunn.

Some students have a natural love for fashion that makes dressing up easy, but for other students, putting in effort makes looking nice even better.

“Just being able to wake up and try something new that I thought of before I went to sleep gives me the energy to dress up at school,” said Sophomore Joseph Bickle. “The feeling of looking at my closet of clothes and making outfits is one of the best things for motivation.”

Inspiration plays a massive part in creating interesting outfits, and with the widespread use of social media, finding fashion inspiration is easier than ever.

“I find my inspiration from the internet. I’ve gained so many new points of view on what fashion is by being able to have a closer look into fashion all around the world,” said Senior Austin Rivers. “I am very into the y2k trend lately. The trend has influenced my choice of prints, accessories, makeup, etc.”

Despite the influence of social media, everyone will always have their own sense of style and their favorite pieces to style.

“My favorite pieces to style are purses and sunglasses. They have to match or at least be copied image,” said Dunn. 

The best way to find style inspiration is to look around to see what sparks admiration and fit that into an outfit. Style is completely up for interpretation by each individual.


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