Students Explain the Issues That First-Time Voters Care About

Written by Debra Murray

As the 2020 presidential election closes in, high school students are faced with figuring out what it is that they support politically. From wearing “Make America Great Again” hats to attending women’s rights protests, high school students are more involved with politics now than ever. 

“If I could, I would vote because the government is stupid and corrupt, and it won’t change, but I’d rather have a slightly good candidate in office to somewhat help,” said Senior Josh Goldschmidt.  

With many students heading off to college, debt is becoming an issue weighing on many students’ shoulders. Many presidential candidates have made promises to help eliminate the incredible amount of student debt. 

“As someone that’s going to be a college student next year, I know I’m not going to be the only one struggling to get rid of college debt, so I think a candidate that can help diminish it for all people –no matter the skin color– would be crucial,” said Fairdale Senior Fjona Vrajolli. 

Some students are incredibly passionate about one specific issue while others are focused on finding a candidate who will tackle several issues. 

“I care about social justice, equal opportunity, experience, how they handle taxpayer money, help for those who need it, & views on issues like LGBTQ+ rights, abortion, and other issues that affect my peers and me,” said Senior Austin Rivers. 

Picture Source: Getty Images


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