New Renovations at the Ridge

Written by Charley Harp

Most seniors probably remember when Pleasure Ridge Park first started renovations. They began at the start of the 2017-2018 school year with some simple fixes like new windows and air conditioning units in various rooms throughout the school. However, little or no cosmetic changes were seen until this school year.

Incoming students are greeted by a new red paint job in the lobby of the main building with an inspiring quote. Similar murals are sprinkled throughout the Main and Tech buildings, especially in stairwells.

 “I feel like the new renovations give the school a very fresh, updated look,” Junior Grace Banta said. “Overall, I think it helps with the presentation of PRP, especially when we have guests come in. The school looks a lot more cohesive and modern.” 

The renovations breathe new life into the school, which in turn, breathes new life into its students. These are welcome additions and hopefully, will not be the last ones seen.

“I love the quotes. They’re very lovely,” Senior Kiersten Walker said. “The paint and the quotes aren’t life-changing, but they make the school look better and give it a happier vibe.”


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