What Local High School Students Have to Say About Extreme Abortion Changes

Written by Debra Murray

Women’s reproductive rights are currently the biggest issue in this legislative session as many new laws have been voted on. Getting an abortion may become a crime in several states. Many states are pushing to restrict abortion laws including Alabama, Georgia, Utah, Ohio, Mississippi, Arkansas, and Kentucky. These laws are limiting abortions to no later than six weeks into pregnancy, except Alabama, where abortion has been voted to be completely illegal at any point in a pregnancy. People have been protesting to help save their rights and have turned to social media to share their opinions, including Louisville high school students.

“A woman’s body is a woman’s body, and she is the only one who should have a say in it,” said Fairdale Junior Tabbi Caudill.

Many people worry about how the new abortion laws restricts women and their rights to choose and are worried about the dangers of limited options. 45 percent of all abortions are practiced in unsafe environments with no help of a trained professional and many of the abortions are done using outdated techniques. The majority of these unsafe abortions occur in places where abortion is illegal.

“They’re taking away rights that are not theirs to take. Not only is it wrong, but it’s dangerous,” said PRP Junior Gracyee Bishop.

With these laws, women could be faced with the fear of being controlled by lawmakers and having the ability to choose what they do with their bodies taken away from them. 91 percent of local high school students voted that they were pro-choice via an Instagram poll.

“It makes me think that if something ever happens to where I need to get an abortion, I’m going to be seen as a felon and won’t even be allowed to vote because a man wants to rule what happens to my body,” said Fairdale Junior Fjona Vrajolli.

Some students even feel that these laws violate the rights of women and that involving the government in someone’s health is not how the U.S should be run. The abortion ban was signed into law in the state of Alabama by Republican Governor Kay Ivey.

“Well it is legally every woman’s right to have an abortion. The government is legally not allowed to interfere with doctor and patient medical procedures, as said in the constitution. People may have their opinions on abortion and that is completely fine but no one is allowed to take away individuals rights, especially uneducated men who have no understanding on why women choose to do that or what they go through. Government and church is supposed to be separated but Alabama doesn’t seem to care about legality,” said PRP Junior Austin Rivers.

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