Fashion Icons Throughout the Ages

Written by Savannah Sosna

We are all aware that when it comes to fashion, trends come and go. However, what is a trend without a trend setter ?

Throughout the ages, one can observe the evolution of fashion quite easily and who was the face of inspiration for stylish individuals of that time period. When asking students at Pleasure Ridge why fashion history is so important when it comes to style, Junior Macy Young states “To be fashionable, I guess you got to understand some of the history that goes with it. That way you can modernize any look and pull inspiration from any decade. This gives you loads of creativity for putting outfits together.”

Therefore, let’s explore some of the most famous fashion icons through the decades.

The Roaring 20’s- Greta Garbo

As Greta Garbo once said, “I’m afraid of nothing except being bored.” Her style was anything but boring. Garbo’s elegant ensembles perfectly depicted old Hollywood glamour, on and off the silver screen.  

The Great Depression ( 30’s ) – Vivien Leigh

After capturing many hearts in her debut in “Gone With The Wind”, Vivien Leigh rose to stage ranks. Getting to the top with hard work, considerable beauty, and of course, an excellent sense of style. She possessed taste and an unerring eye for proportion. Leading fashion inspiration for many during the 30’s.

The 40’s- Christian Dior 

When it comes to the 40’s, Christian Dior’s fashion choices redefined woman’s post-war style and revived French fashion industries everywhere after years of difficulty. Her first collection featured full skirts and wait clenching jackets. A new look that many designers were astounded by.

The 50’s- Audrey Hepburn

One of the most influential and iconic women to ever live, Audrey Hepburn is most easily recognized for her famous appearance in widely known films such as “ Breakfast at Tiffany’s” and “ My Fair Lady”. On and off film, her style has proven to be timeless. Her oversized glasses, perfectly fitting dresses, and gloves are often replicated to this day by modern fashion enthusiast.

The 60’s- Jackie Kennedy

During her initial year of being a first lady, Jackie lead the fashion trends throughout the 60’s. Highly admired, her wardrobe choices consisted of Pillbox hats, head scarfs, and bows. Jackie was also one of the first woman of this decade to wear strapless gowns. This was a daring move for any woman in this time age.

The 70’s- Meryl Streep

We know Meryl Streep as the Prada-wearing devil, but off screen, Streep is much like the determined and powerful magazine editor she is famously known for playing. “ For me, clothes are kind of a character. I don’t follow fashion or understand trends.” Her resistance however, sets her apart as a trend setter. As she became a fashion influence for a number of decades.

The 80’s – Brooke Shields

Shields shot an ad for Calvin Klein. This risqué ad was enough to propel her into superstardom. Her signature eyebrows and gorgeous hair marked beauty standards throughout the 80’s. With personified American style, the actress cornered the market with chic, well tailored, polished, and poised looks that inspired many.

The 90’s- Courtney Love

Nicknamed the Mother of Messy, Love’s looks were terribly fashionable. Her alternative way of dressing even inspired Marc Jacob’s spring collection in 1993. Her love of ruffles, lace, and vintage slip dresses injected the baggy grunge aesthetic of the 1990’s.

The 2000’s- Paris Hilton

Arguably the queen of the 2000’s, Paris Hilton had the reputation of being able to get away with wearing anything. She loved to shock individuals with wardrobe choices such as very low bottom pants and extremely cropped tops. Anything in the color pink was fair game for Hilton. She was a huge fan of anything glittery, sparkley, diamond encrusted.

Though style has changed drastically throughout time, it is important to remember its roots. Who knows what contributions these next several years will be remembered for? One thing’s for sure, hopefully: Crocs will not be one of them.

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