What Are High School Students Actually Wearing?

Written By Debra Murray

Walking the hallways at PRP, you will see an incredibly diverse sense of style in each student. As trends may change, seeing the way students have dressed in all different places will always deserve its own moment.

“I personally pull inspiration from everywhere. Like it really depends on where I’m at, and where I’m going! A lot of my inspiration is from major fashion icons that we all love but also Club Kid culture! “Drag,” or dressing as a girl, is probably where I get my taste,” said Junior Chris Urbano.

Inspiration is something that can be found in many different ways, but with social media playing a huge part in everyone’s life, it makes sense that social media impacts trends and how people find fashion inspiration.

“I don’t see a lot of people express themselves here at school, so I find inspiration on the internet,” said Junior Austin Rivers.

Aside from using social media for inspiration, many people plan outfits with clothes they find appealing rather than what is “trendy.”

“When I do put effort into my outfits, I like to wear Brandy Melville, PacSun, or just thrifted stuff. I like anything that’s cropped,” said Sophomore Kirby Alexander.

While many like to thing labels do not matter anymore, people still have a preference on which labels they wear.

“My favorite brands are Pretty Little Thing, Forever 21, PacSun, Princess Polly, Boohoo, and Brandy Melville. They sell all my favorite trends like high-waisted pants with belts, layering, lace bodysuits, plaid, vintage tees, sweatshirts with high-waisted pants, and skirts,” said Junior Anna Miniard.

Many other high school students are interviewing their peers about their style, this has quickly become a trend on YouTube. The locations and types of schools vary but so students have their own unique style.

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