Nursing Students Get New Opportunities At PRP

Written By Charley Harp

The upcoming school year will be many things to many students. For some, it will be their first year of high school. For others, it will be their last. However, for a few, it offers exciting and new opportunities.

In a class ran by RN Erin Ferguson, students will get the chance to participate in a Capstone Nursing course: an elite class that will set PRP kids apart from the rest.

“The class is centered around nursing. We plan on visiting nursing homes and starting to develop clinical skills,” said Ferguson.

A Capstone course is a class that is usually lead with a student-chosen question or thesis that will be followed and built upon all year, culminating in some sort of presentation or test. There are Capstone courses for a variety of subjects, like design and pharmacology.

The Capstone class will last all year and will end with a test at JCTC. If a student passes the course, they will receive a Certified Nurse Assistant certification. As a CNA, it is possible to start a well paying hospital job right out of high school, and increases the prospects of getting into nursing school and college.

To enter this course, an application must be filled out and only a few students will be accepted. This program is an exciting new chance for students to further themselves academically and get a leg up on others when applying for a job, nursing school, or college.

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