Can Black Friday Survive The New Age?

Written By Charley Harp

The holidays are a time for being thankful, spending time with family, and most importantly, gift-giving!

Black Friday is the busiest day for business, with almost thirty percent of sales happening between then and Christmas. Even though it has always been a tradition to wake up early in the morning and stand in the cold to snag the best deals first, American consumers are moving away from brick-and-mortar, and towards the online market.

This past Black Friday, there was an insurgence of products bought online, the numbers being up twenty-six percent from the previous year. Retailers also reported a nine percent drop in in-person sales, just further showing that although consumers have not slowed down in buying, they are perhaps tired of the rush of going Black Friday shopping themselves. Many are even willing to spend more on gifts when not shopping in person.

The average amount of money spent per person this Black Friday topped out at $1,007.38, for a grand total of $715.5 billion dollars, a fifteen-year high. Men, on average, also spend about 300 dollars more than women, despite only having a six percent difference in population. Homeowners often spend more than those who are renting, and Gen X spends more money than any other generation each year on Black Friday.

Black Friday is a holiday in and of itself. We spend hundreds of dollars every year on mostly material gifts, usually only to regret buying them afterwards. This holiday season, instead of going out and buying gifts, try hand-making one! Try making easy blankets out of fleece and ties, homemade cookies, or even just little handwritten notes! It is easy to avoid the hustle and bustle of the holiday rush when you make your presents from the heart.

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