The Business Academy Prepares Students for Careers

Written By Debra Murray

The Business Academy has a variety of classes that teaches students about different useful skills. Many students have learned how to make a resume, how to make websites, or about the laws in the United States.

“Working in the Business Academy has made me learn a lot more about the practices and how they work,” said Junior Shanelle Morrison.

Every student is learning skills that will benefit them later. Each class offers a set of skills that will contribute to their career later.

“The Business Academy has taught me about the basics of starting a company and knowing the concept of being part of a job or community,” said Senior Amber Embry.

As impactful as the business world is in society, students are being taught now what will benefit them later.

“Business touches on almost every aspect of modern human society, careers with a business degree are everywhere and usually high paying,” said Embry.

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