How to Shop Online

Written by Debra Murray

Online shopping has become the easiest and quickest way to get exactly what you are looking for, without even having to leave the comfort of your own home. It is perfect for anyone living a chaotic life, or simply too lazy to get off their sofa.

Tip #1: Finding a Reliable Website!

When shopping online, it is smart to find a good, trustworthy website to purchase from. This is found by reading reviews, watching hauls from the site on YouTube, and asking people who you know frequently shop online. Websites I recommend:

Tip #2: Learn Your Size!

Figuring out your size when online shopping can be tough, but by looking at the size chart on the website, you might have a little more direction. Try finding reviews with pictures if possible, find someone with a similar body type and you might go with the size that worked for them. Sizing can be hard, but it is manageable.

Tip #3: Find Good Quality!

Reading reviews is the easiest way to learn if a clothing piece is good quality. People leaving reviews are usually blunt about the way they feel about the piece, so you will be told if buying something is a waste of money.

Tip #4: Learn When to Shop Online!

Most clothing websites do flash sales, or release coupon codes, which you will see when you pull up the website. So if there is something you like, but it is a little more expensive than you would like to spend, wait a little bit and it will probably go on sale.

Tip #5: Use the Annoying Emails!

As much as everyone hates to sign up for, or have flood their email inbox, it actually will save you money. Most of the emails you receive from companies will tell you about sales going on, new clothing that the store has, or discount codes. Despite how annoying it might be to have so many emails pile up, your wallet will have dollar bills piling up.

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