Freshman of the Month

Written by Adrianna LoChirco

PRP has been very excited to partner with McDonald’s to present you Student of The Month. Each month, different freshmen who have excelled in their classes are handpicked to represent the Freshman Academy. McDonald’s awards the students with a certificate and a gift card.

“This is a great opportunity to the kids and challenges them to do their best. If the kids know they will receive an award, their dedication to their work is much greater,” said Counselor Jeff Jennings.

Students rewarded this month:

* Jacob Farler – Patrick Domeck – Hunter Mitchell

* Seth Asher – Robert Felts – Jeret Zocklein

* Emily Hall – Trisha Titus – Eva Clopton

* Grace Corbitt – Katheryn Craig – Aaliyah Collins

“I love the fact that McDonald’s was able to partner with the school to provide us a reward. As a student, it makes me want to work harder,” said Freshman Trisha Titus.

This new program has been a huge success so far. Many students have approved tremendously. When students receive the award from McDonald’s, then after school the students can treat themselves to a meal since McDonald’s is right down the street from the school. This benefits the students and encourages them to try harder and be the best versions of themselves. Congratulations to the freshman elected this month, and good luck to future students!

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