Is it too Early to be Listening to Christmas Music?

Written By Christian Ploetner

It is November and leaves are still falling. Thanksgiving just ended, but stores are promoting neon tress and nutcrackers. Christmas season may be upon us, but Thanksgiving has barley passed. The turkey has been carved, stuffing been made, and the cranberry sauce has been on display. Popular radio stations have decided to begin playing “All I want for Christmas is You” and “Let it Snow,” but is it too early?

Each holiday deserves to be celebrated. However, every year Thanksgiving seems to be pushed under the rug by Christmas. Thanksgiving is then turned into another day, only this time with a bigger dinner. Less and less people watch the Thanksgiving Day Parade. Even Black Friday gets more attention than Thanksgiving.

Elementary school focuses on Thanksgiving heavily. Teachers plan out activates like painting hand turkeys and have story time dedicated to the pilgrims journey. In high school, teachers are reduced to saying “Have a Happy Thanksgiving” before break, due to projects and lessons that have nothing to do with Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is about being with family and giving thanks to all the good times in the year. Now, it has turned in to a holiday that people do not even really care about. Thanksgiving does not have any catchy songs and you do not get presents, but it is important to our history. As soon as it is December 1st, it is then appropriate to blast Christmas music as much as possible. For now, it is too early for Christmas music.

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