Thrifting 101

Written By Debra Murray and Savannah Sosna

In need of new clothing? Worried about not having enough in your pocket to afford great fits? Have no fear, thrifting is here!

Many times, when in need of new clothes, shoppers gravitate towards malls only to find outrageous prices, poor material, and items that seem mass produced on display. Doesn’t it seem as though outfits start to look uniformed and unoriginal? If looking for a way to find different styles to spice up your wardrobe, thrifting is not only inexpensive, but a way to find great quality and vintage apparel to add to your closet!

If now taking thrifting into consideration for your next shopping trip, you must learn the tips and tricks one needs to know.

Go into the shopping experience with an open mind. Think of it as a ¨fashion treasure hunt.” Along the long rows of metal racks there will be a mismatch of items. Many times when individuals are faced with the idea of thrifting, they think of worn out tee-shirts and scrubby polyester pantsuits. While no doubt such apparel is there, hidden gems are within the mix of clothing. Often, name brands such as Nike, Crew, GAP, Levis, and more are found with a little searching at a low price and sometimes, even vintage. Cute shirts, hats, interesting jewelry, belts, patches, and more can be scattered throughout the store.

When shopping, luck plays a big part in any thrifting experience. Many times you will return from a day of shopping with several new-to-you items while other times coming home completely empty handed. Do not be discouraged if the odds are not in your favor that day! Come back regularly to find new material on racks.  New fits are always being donated.

Lastly, thrifting is also environmentally friendly! In a throw away society we must remember the age old saying “ One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” By not only shopping, but donating to local thrift stores, you are reducing waste and pollution caused by factories that are in charge of making new clothes for department stores. How fabulous is it that you can be fashionable as well as being environmentally conscious? Very. Just ask Macklemore. He pops tags with only $20 in his pocket.

Happy shopping ! Here are some thrift stores around Louisville.

Fat Rabbit Thrift and Vintage

Address: 1000 Oak St, Louisville 40204


Nearly New Thrift Shop

Address: 1250 Bardstown Road #114 Louisville, Kentucky 40204


All For One

Address: 1975 Douglass Blvd , Louisville, KY 40205


Louisville Thrift Store II

529 N 22nd St, Louisville, KY 40203

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