Kickball Is Canceled!

Written By Adrianna LoChirco

The kickball game scheduled for Freshman and Sophomores has been canceled. Due to the little amount of students that had signed up, there would not be an even amount of teams. Teachers at PRP thought that this game would be successful. This game was a way to get the students more involved with school activities.

“Hopefully, more students will participate next year,” said Teacher Audra Barnett.

Although this year was not successful, PRP hopes to continue the offer each year to Sophomores and Freshman. It is events like this that make each and every students’ high school career fun. PRP wants their students’ four years to be full of creative events that they will enjoy participating in.

“I was kind of disappointed that the game was cancelled,”said Sophomore Payne Findley.

Next year the staff is planning to hype the kickball game up in order to get more students to sign up. These events require much time and planning. It was upsetting to the sponsors who had worked hard to organize this event. The sponsors were glad to be given this opportunity to get more students involved with different activities. PRP hopes to see more students sign up in the future.

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