A Haunted House with History

Written By Savannah Sosna

With Halloween approaching, haunted houses become huge attractions. Only eleven minutes away from PRP High School is the famously known Waverly Hills Sanitarium, a shell of what was once a running hospital for patients suffering with Tuberculosis around 1926 to 1961.

Now, the former hospital is considered to be one of the most haunted places in America due to its rich history and recent annual Halloween attractions. The grounds open their metal gates to curious eyes every Friday from September 1st through October 27th.

Waverly offers a haunted house and a V.I.P experience– a tour through the old hospital’s upper floors and a lesson on its history.

Junior Josh Rodgers took the tour earlier this year. He stated, “I would recommend taking the tour. The haunted house was pretty fun, but the tour was something I will never forget. It really put me into the Halloween spirit. I have always been interested in exploring Waverly since it is known in Louisville for being haunted. Even driving up through the trees on the way to the hospital was spooky. Overall, it was a cool experience and I would love to do it again next year.”

Purchase your own tickets online or at the gate for a possible paranormal experience. Get ready for a memorable time full of intrigue and a slice of Louisville history at its finest.

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