Environmental Club Says: Don’t Be Trashy, Recycle!

Written By Savannah Sosna

Reduce, reuse, and recycle! The Environmental Club is bringing the blue bins back to the classroom! Club members have decided to take full responsibility of making sure all recyclables are handled correctly.

When asked why the club decided to take on this task, Dr. Jann Fry, the club’s leader, stated, “If we are in charge of recycling, we know that it is going to get done and done correctly. Recycling is very important because we are using up so much of the earth’s resources. Plastic is made up of fossil fuels and fossil fuels are non-renewable. I think that most people have a belief that we will one day mine our trash for plastic. So instead of recycling now, [people wait] until it is absolutely necessary to. It is not very forward thinking.”

Thanks to the Environmental Club’s efforts, students and teachers alike can reduce the amount of landfills and incinerators, conserve natural resources, and increase economic security all by placing specific recyclable items in the bins provided once again.

The Environment Club will be picking up recycling bins during 5th period. Let’s go green together, Panthers!

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