Computer Nerd

Written By Jenna Fox

Allison Bray is a brand-new Business Academy teacher here at the Ridge. After briefly speaking with Bray, it is clear that she is an extremely friendly and kind-hearted teacher. When asked, one of her students explained his new class with Bray continues to be enjoyable and extremely helpful to his future career field.

Sophomore Cortland Allgood said, “Ms. Bray always wants to help. She never grows impatient with us.”

Bray went to the University of Louisville and earned a degree from the university’s Speed School, which is extremely impressive considering the work load she endured. This is not only her first year at Pleasure Ridge Park, but it is her first year teaching overall. When asked what her goal was for the year, she replied, “My only true goal is to make a positive impact on my students and other kids around the school.”

Bray explained how welcomed she has felt by the students and staff of our school.

“Everyone has been extremely helpful and try to make me like a part of the Panther family. I appreciate their help so much,” said Bray.

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