Student of the Month

Written By Adrianna LoChirco

PRP is stepping up their game on rewards given to students this year. The Freshman Academy has been keeping track of student progression. Freshman Academy leaders are also focusing on the freshman that are making a difference to their class and to the school. Each month there will be two girls and two boys from the 9th grade that will receive a prize and certificate for being Student of the Month.

“This a great opportunity for students to work hard and challenge themselves,” said Assistant Principal Jeff Jennings.

McDonald’s has partnered with PRP to provide the Students of the Month with a free meal. McDonald’s goal is for students to realize that there are endless opportunities. McDonald’s also works with high school kids to provide scholarships and college opportunities to students who apply for a job at McDonald’s.

“I am grateful that McDonald’s has offered a free meal as a prize. After school it is easy to walk there and get something to eat,” said Freshman Jaydin Garner.

Staff wants to see the freshmen improving, getting involved, and making positive impacts. Getting used to high school and the way things work is very difficult. The teachers understand that and make sure to work with each student. Student of the Month does not rely on grades, rather the attitude each student has when they walk through the school doors. It is about character, how the student portrays him/herself. Those students will be the change that is needed to be seen in the world.

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