Kickball Dates

Written By Adrianna LoChirco

This year PRP will be hosting their first Kickball Tournament for freshman and sophomores. The game will be held on October 25th at 6:30 pm on PRP’s baseball field. This activity will be similar to the events held for juniors and seniors.

“The goal for this game is to get freshman and sophomores more involved,” said Sophomore Sponsor Jayna Fox.

The way this event works will be similar to the Junior and Senior Powderpuff game. Students wanting to participate will have to fill out a form and get their teacher’s signatures, along with a parent signature in order to be in the game. Forms will be due at 6:30 a.m. on October 2nd. The first 20 boys and girls will be in the game. Each team member will get a shirt to wear in the game.

“I am very excited for this game, I think it will be very successful,” said Sophomore Jamia Woodard.

The game set up will be as follows: Freshman Team vs. Freshman Team; winner goes on to the Class Battle. Sophomore Team vs. Sophomore Team; winner moves on to Class Battle. The Class Battle will be the third game of the night. This game will determine the winner of the Kickball Tournament! There will be three thirty minute games throughout the night.

This game will be similar to other events held at PRP. There will be concessions such as chips, candy, and drinks available. There will be a $5 admission fee in order to get into the gate. Anyone is welcome to come watch the game and cheer their class on!

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